Lease and Rental Payments

In all KOAS housing, the electricity, water, data network, public sauna shifts and the use of laundry facilities are included in the rent.

The rent is due on the 6th of every month. Always use your own payment reference number and check that the amount payable is correct. The rent bill has been sent to your email. It is valid until furhter notice. If you didn't get the bill, you can contact

If you don't have bank account in Finland or you can't use your own account, you can use TransferMate - KOAS for rent payments.

Late Rental Payments

If you have any difficulties to pay your rent, please contact vuokrat(at) tell 029 180 4444 to agree on a payment schedule before the due date of the rent.

Late payments will be handed over to Visma Duetto. If we don't get the payment in time, you'll first yet an email from Visma Duetto. Notification will be sent around 14 days after your rent was originally due. A notification charge of 5 euros will be charged.

Recurring records of late rent payment may lead to the annulment of your contract, debt collection and bad credit history. A credit failure will remain in your records for a long time, and it can make your life significantly more complicated in the future. Your can prevent the problems by paying your late payment notices by the due date.

We charge interest on the rent arrears at a fixed rate determined by the Finnish law. The interest will start incurring from the day after the due date, regardless of any payment plans made. The interest fees will be invoiced separately.

Joint Liability

Spouses share the liability for rent payments for their family apartment, as do anyone else living in KOAS housing with a joint lease. If one person moves out, the joint contract needs to be terminated. The joint liability will continue until the termination of the lease.

Tenant Eligibility

Living in KOAS housing entails that the tenant is registered as a student or a graduate student in post-comprehensive level education. For couples cohabiting in KOAS housing, at least one person must have student status. KOAS will verify the tenants' student status regularly and whenever deemed necessary. When you no longer satisfy the criteria for KOAS residents, please make sure you will terminate your tenancy in good time. If your studies are interrupted, please contact the KOAS Housing Office.

The Lease

Your lease can be in force either until further notice or for a fixed term. The lease contract is signed in the KOAS Housing Office, or is sent to you for signing by post of email. For tenants under 18 years of age, also parental signature is required. For family lease contracts, both spouses or cohabiting partners are required to sign the lease.

By signing the lease you will agree to abide by the terms set out in your contract, the general Finnish law on Residential Leases, as well as the House Rules drawn up by the KOAS Residents' Association.

The fixed term leases for exchange students are confirmed by paying the first rent + the furniture fee + the processing fee.

Verification of Contractual Obligations

As a tenant you are obliged to notify KOAS if there are any changes in your personal circumstances or details you have given to KOAS at the time of signing the lease (for example finishing or leaving your studies early). Giving false information or the refusal to provide information may result in termination or annulment of the contract.

Annulment of the Contract

In the event of serious contract violation, KOAS may exercise their right to terminate the lease contract without a notice period. These eventualities include non-payment of rent, constant and excessive disturbance, transferring of tenancy or handing the apartment over to another person without permission. The lease will expire one week after the termination notice issued by KOAS.

Temporary Subletting

KOAS allows the tenants to temporary sublet the apartments to a third party for a maximum of 1 year. During the summer months from 1st May to 31st August the subletting tenant doesn't need to be a student, but otherwise also the subtenant needs to be a full-time student.

If you wish to temporary sublet your KOAS apartment, do the following:

  1. Draw up a fixed-term lease with the subtenant. Set the date of the rent as the 2nd of every month. Arrange for them to pay the rent onto your account, so you can keep track of their rental payments.
  2. Contact the KOAS Housing Office and notify them of the subtenant's name, personal ID code (henkilötunnus), email address, phone number and the duration of the subletting contract by email koas(at)
  3. Koas Booking: to let subtenant to use the reservation system advice how to use and give your own log in info. You as main tenant are responsible of possible pay services like parking reservation of subtenant. Remember to take care you both get important Koas infos at the time you are away.

You as main tenant are responsible of the rents and the apartments condition. You are required to notify us of any changes to your rental agreement.

In a shared apartment, subletting is only allowed to a same gender.

The tenant will hand out the Koas booking acces info for the subtenant and makes sure the info send through the service will be delivered for the subtenant.

Rent Deposit

The tenant is not required to pay a deposit to leases after 1.6.2018. The deposit is required in case of problems in credit history. The deposit will be payed before signing the lease, by the date specified in your offer of housing. The deposit is paid by the tenant to assure they will fulfill their responsibilities agreed upon in the lease. The landlord may charge from the deposit any possible cleaning or repair costs or unpaid rent incurred by the tenant.

Refunding the Deposit

Deposit will be returned to the tenant full on the condition that all the tenant's obligations have been met. The deposit will be returned to the bank account specified in your Termination of Tenancy request, within a month from the day your tenancy ends. The rent deposit cannot be used to pay the last month's rent.