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Notice of lease termination

If your rental agreement is valid until further notice, the term of notice is one calendar month. The term of notice starts from the last day of the month during which the notice of termination was given.

In the case of a fixed-term rental agreement, the right to occupancy ends at the end of the fixed period without a separate notice.

On the part of Koas, the term of notice is six months, if the rental agreement is for more than a year. In rental agreements that have lasted less than a year, the term of notice is three months.

You can terminate your lease on the website of Koas. Remember also to give your new address and your bank account number for the refund of a security deposit, if applicable.

In the case of a couple, spouses must give notice of lease termination together. In the case of a shared rental agreement, both tenants must terminate the agreement even though only one moves out. If the other one of the residents stays in the apartment, signing a new rental agreement may be considered.

Terminate your lease