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Always call the emergency number 112 in case of emergency, such as an accident, fire or crime. Calling the emergency number is free of charge.

When calling the emergency number:

  • Tell the operator clearly what has happened.
  • Give the exact address and town/location.
  • Answer the questions asked.
  • Put you phone on speaker and continue helping.
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • Only end the call after being told to do so.
  • Instruct the professional helpers to the scene.
  • If the situation changes, call again.

In an emergency, it is important to keep calm and act fast.

If a fire alarm rings continuously or you notice a fire or smoke in the building, follow the emergency instructions: call 112, describe the situation and follow the operator’s instructions. Find out whether there is smoke in the staircase and if not, try to find the apartment in which the alarm rings. Go outside to wait for the rescue personnel and instruct them to the correct place.

If the fire is in a block of flats, residents must remain in their apartments for safety reasons, because toxic combustion gases may spread to the staircase. If there is no smoke in the staircase, it is possible to go there. Combustion gases can lead to unconsciousness and it is therefore important to block the apartment’s doors and windows with damp towels if smoke starts to drift into the apartment. You can prevent breathing the smoke by keeping a wet towel in front of your mouse and nose. If it is impossible to exit via the staircase, you can attract the attention of the rescue personnel by waving a white bed linen from the window. In case of fire, the fire and rescue personnel inspect all apartments.

Prevent dangers by checking your fire alarm regularly.

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