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Koas Neighbour help

Under the Koas Neighbours Aid section, you can request help for pet sitting, find a training mate, a jogging buddy or just someone to talk with. Or you can enrol yourself as a bike repairer or moving aid for a new neighbour, for example. Be brave and make yourself visible to your neighbours!

Tips for using the Neighbours Aid section:

  • Explain as clearly as possible the type of help you need or offer.
  • Write the advertisement in English as well.
  • The idea is to offer help free of charge or for mutual help.


Remember to remove your advertisement as soon as you no longer need help.

When someone replies to your advertisement, you will be notified by email. Always reply to the message via Booking; a reply via email will not be delivered.

Advertisements will be removed after about three months unless they are renewed. You will be sent an email notification containing a link that you can use to renew your advertisement if it still valid and you still want to show it.

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