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Moving in

Moving Day

The moving day in and out from Koas properties is always the first working day of the month. The first working day means it’s the first weekday of the month, excluding public holidays. This usually means, that the previous tenant is moving out the same day as the new tenant is arriving.


You will receive keys from Koas Keybox 24/7 with the info send by email. The key to your apartment also grants you access to the communal areas of your building.

If you forget your key in the apartment, contact the service company to let you in. The service company’s out-of-hours contact details and the price of the service can be found on the notice board located in the hall of your building. You can also borrow a key from the KOAS Housing Office free of charge. Please note proof of identity will be required.

If you lose the keys to your apartment, contact the Housing Office immediately!

iLOQ key user instructions

Condition of the Property

Check the condition of your apartment immediately on your arrival. Complete and submit the Apartment Report sent to your email, and report any faults or insufficiencies. By doing this you will ensure, that you will not be liable for any possible damage caused by the previous tenants. Inspect the apartment carefully for your own legal protection. Once you have completed the inspection, also report any faults that need fixing.

When moving into shared housing, your new flatmate is likely to already have settled in and made the place their home. Remember to introduce yourself to your new flatmate! You can expect to find their things in the communal cupboards and signs of living in the communal spaces. Talk to your flatmates about the practicalities of sharing a flat: cleaning, cooking and borrowing each others things etc., so that living together would go as smoothly as possible.

The previous tenant is responsible for doing a final clean-up in the premises they are vacating. If the apartment has not been cleaned, or there are other serious faults in the place, contact the Housing Office immediately. The service company can get the apartment cleaned in a few days’ time, if deemed necessary. However, you can expect to do some small-scale wiping of the surfaces and floor.

Get to know the emergency plan of your location!

Other things to remember

– Studio- and family apartments: To make sure you have the internet connection working when you arrive, you can preorder the net to your flat by calling to +358 20011611. You need to give the address of the room, so check it first from the lease. You will need a cable (CAT RJ-45) to connect to the socket marked with a green label in your apartment.

– Shared apartments: Are equipped with Koas routers for a WiFi connection. To use the Internet in a shared apartment, follow the instructions on the router to connect to the WiFi.

– In locations Harju, Heikinsilta, Etelä-Kekkola, Kangas, Kankaantorni, Koppari, Korttelikylä and Seminaarinmäki you can activate the desired data socket (labelled ATK) by yourself. You can find instructions from Koas booking.

– Dishwasher installation order: read more

– If you wish, you can book the sauna (after buying credits), parking place etc. by Koas booking. Check also the location map to find the common areas of your location from the Housing locations.

– Ratapiha, Kotiraide, Ristonmaa and Myllyjärvi tenant: for storage locker check and make reservation on Koas booking.

– Mark the mail box with your surname.

– Check your insurance!

– Get to know your neighbours