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Allocation of responsibilities

The resident is responsible for the following costs and maintenance:

  • TV and computer problems via Telia
  • Hanging mirrors and paintings
  • Installation of own lighting
  • Curtain clips
  • Cleaning floor drains and drain traps and removing normal drain clogs
  • Cleaning hood grease filters
  • Cleaning ventilation valves
  • Defrosting fridges and freezers and vacuuming the rear of the appliances
  • Installation of dishwashers and bidet showers via a plumbing firm
  • Installation of window blinds
  • Taking out home insurance
  • Fuse replacement

Residents can book the following via Koas Booking:

  • Laundry room reservations
  • Car parking places
  • Sauna reservations
  • Use of gym and activity rooms

In the following cases, the resident must call the service number of the maintenance company:

  • Forgotten key when trying to open the door
  • Water or smoke damage
  • An urgent drain clog or flooding
  • If a broken window creates a danger (risk of freezing, risk of injuries, etc.)
  • An urgent lock failure

In the following cases, the resident must contact the customer service:

  • Lost key
  • Disturbance complaints against the residential house manager
  • Incorrectly parked vehicle

When the resident reports a fault, Koas takes care of the following:

  • Defects and faults in the apartments, corridors and outdoor areas
  • Fire alarm malfunction
  • Lamp bulb replacements
  • Faulty home appliances
  • Electrical, ventilation and heating failures
  • Leaking toilet bowl valve (continuous sound of water gurgling in the bowl)
  • Dripping tap
  • Cabinet modifications required by dishwasher installations