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Disturbance and vandalism

If your neighbour’s behaviour causes you nuisance frequently, you can file a disturbance report.

However, before reporting a disturbance, it is useful to personally talk about the matter with your neighbour to find a solution – it may be that your neighbour is not at all conscious of the disturbance caused.

When reporting, describe the incident as accurately as possible and give the address of the apartment causing disturbance. A complaint message will be sent to the individual who has caused this disturbance. In recurring cases, it would be best to receive reports from as many house residents as possible. Repeating disturbing or disorderly behaviour may lead to termination of lease. The police authority is responsible for the maintenance of public order and security, and everyone has the right to rely on the police, when necessary. In the case of severe violence or disturbances, call the emergency number 112.

If you notice vandalism in the housing locations, inform the Housing Office. Offenders will always be responsible for the damage caused.