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Sauna reservation

The booking calendar for private sauna shifts and times of public sauna shifts for women and men can be found at Koas Booking. Public sauna shifts are free and for all residents.

Book a private sauna shift in advance via Koas Booking by selecting a free time and clicking “Book”.

Pay for your sauna shift with credits (1 credit / 1 hour shift). Credits can be purchased through Koas Booking in packages of 1, 5 and 10 credits. Purchased credits cannot be exchanged back for money.

Sauna instructions

  • You can access the sauna with your apartment key
  • Please remember to bring your own towels
  • Go to the sauna through the shower
  • Do not use sauna scents or dye your hair in the sauna
  • When you leave, make sure that the sauna and changing room remain in a clean condition, and that your personal belongings are not left in the space
  • Please leave by the end of your sauna shift

If you notice defects or problems in the premises, please leave a fault report on the Koas website.