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Fire alarm

Remember to check the correct operation of the fire alarm when moving in to a new apartment. If you have a traditional fire alarm, you can test its operation by pressing the test button. If the fire alarm is in order, you can hear a loud beep when pressing the button. If the device gives a short chirp, it is time to replace the battery. The tenant has an obligation to report if the fire alarm does not work – leave a fault report.

If you neighbour is away and you can hear their fire alarm beeping, please inform the maintenance.

Some housing locations have automatic fire alarms. These include Harju, Heikinsilta, Hospa, Jyvänen, Kangas, Kankaantorni, Koppari, Kotiraide, Korttelikylä, Laajavuori, Rantapellonpolku, Ratapiha, Seminaarinmäki, Sillanpää and Myllyjärvi buildings C, D, E and F. Koas is responsible for the maintenance of these systems, and residents must not touch the fire alarms installed in the apartments in any circumstances.

If the alarm is false, the tenant must reset it by pressing the appropriate button located in the staircase. In the event of a fire, the tenant must personally call the emergency number 112, since the alarm is not automatically transferred to the emergency response centre.

Fire detector manual

Checklist for a Fire Safe Home (Source: Fire Safety Week)