Koas Booking

Koas Booking is our online service, through which you can book and cancel laundry room shifts, parking space, club room or gym. Log in to Koas Booking using your browser.

You can also book sauna shifts after buying credits. All our residents will receive their personal login to the service when they move in. If you do not have an account, please contact the Housing Office.

Parking Space

The parking fees will be charged along with the rent. Please note the following important safety issues when using KOAS parking spaces.

Hybrids and electric cars must not be charged from Koas heating poles.

The block heater power cord must always be removed from the socket after use, and the socket post lid must be kept locked. If you have left the heating cable into the socket and it causes an accident, you may be liable for the damages. The use of an interior preheater is forbidden, as there is not enough fuse capacity.

The heating post socket will give power, depending on the KOAS location in question, either based on the settings in the shared or socket-specific timer. In single-socket timers the power can be turned on for two hours at a time. Some KOAS locations parking areas carry an automatic heating system, where the heating is permanently on in short bouts.

The service company will plow the snow off the parking lots and lanes, but the residents must keep their own parking space clear of snow. Guest parking spaces are intended only for visitors. The heating posts next to the guest parking spaces are not in use.

Parking areas are superviced by Park Service. Unauthorized or parking outside the marked areas will be given a survaillance fee.

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Laundry and drying room

In the laundry room of your building you will find a washing maching, a drying machine and a drying room for your laundry. The use of the laundry facilities is included in your rent. The main door of the laundry room should always be kept locked to prevent non-resident access. KOAS will not take responsibility for any items of clothing that go missing from the laundry room.

Please read and follow the operating instructions for all machines, and if one of the machines is not working correctly, make a fault report immediately. Proper use helps to keep the equipment clean and in good condition. Washing bras with underwire supports is not allowed in the public laundry machines.

You can dry your underwear and other small items in your apartment, on clothes horses, drying racks but not on doors or the radiators. Remember to air your apartment when drying laundry inside. Do not bring dripping wet laundry into your living spaces.

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Sauna Shifts

You can reserve the saunatime by choosing a free turn in Koas Booking. Sauna will cost 1 credit.

You can purchase credits packages of 1/3€, 5/13€ and 10/20€ from Koas Booking. Credits will not be changed back to money.

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Common rooms and gyms

Check more information of other services on your location from Koas booking.