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Move-out cleaning

When your lease ends, you must clean the apartment and clear it of all your items. Moving out

The move-out cleaning includes wiping of cabinets, shelves, drawers, floors and other surfaces with a damp cloth and taking away all garbage. The fridge and the freezer must be defrosted and cleaned. In addition, the hob and baking trays must be appropriately cleaned.

In the bathroom, wash basins, the toilet bowl and sauna benches need to be cleaned. When handing over the apartment, the apartment itself and other facilities, such as the storeroom, must be clean and cleared of all of the resident’s items. The tenant must also ensure that the balcony is clean, including removal of snow, water and dirt. Special caution is required when clearing snow from the balcony.

If the resident does not comply with the cleaning requirements, Koas will charge extraordinary cleaning costs to the resident.

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