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Energy saving

At Koas, energy costs generated by heating, electricity and water make up approximately a third of the maintenance costs, that is, approximately 2.5 Million Euros per year. With small things, such as turning off unnecessary lights, reducing the room temperature, correct ventilation habits and saving water, we can all do our share to cut down energy consumption and thereby also reduce the environmental impact. With energy saving measures, we have succeeded to create a computational saving of approximately 500,000 euros per year, which has enabled a 3.5% lower rent level.

By reducing the room temperature, you can influence both your energy consumption and your living comfort. A room temperature of 20 to 22 degrees is usually considered comfortable, whereas 18 to 20 degrees in the bedroom may be felt suitable. A correct room temperature improves the indoor air quality and reduces air dryness during winter.

Most of the electricity consumed is used for storing and preparing food, for computers and consumer electronics, illumination, and washing and drying clothes. Standby modes of televisions and electronic equipment use as much as 10% of all household energy. For energy saving reasons, and fire safety, it is important to switch off the equipment completely.

Most of the water consumed is used for showers, toilet flushing, washing dishes and doing laundry. A dripping tap or a leaking toilet bowl valve increases water consumption remarkably; therefore, it is important to repair these. We can also save water with small acts, such as turning off the water tap while brushing teeth.