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Moving out

Moving Day

The moving day in and out from Koas properties is always the first working day of the month. The first working day means it’s the first weekday of the month, excluding public holidays. This usually means, that the previous tenant is moving out the same day as the new tenant is arriving.

For exchange students the moving day is the last day of the month.

We encourage you to empty the apartment already on the last day of the month, so that the moving operation would go as smoothly as possible. Reserve the check up for the date when your apartment is empty and cleaned. Remember to return your key during the same day!

Cleaning up when moving out

Leave your apartment in tidy condition when moving out:

Vacuum the floors in all rooms and wipe the floors with a moist cloth.

Wipe all surfaces.

Remove stains from all surfaces including walls and light switch plates.

Empty, clean and wipe the cabinets, shelves, drawers and their doors/panels.

Clean the bathroom: scrub down thoroughly the hand basin, shower room floor and walls, water taps and toilet seat, not forgetting the floor drains: remove the cover and wash it, also please remove hair from the drain.

Clean the cooktop with a sponge and cleaning agent. Use an oven cleaner for the oven cavity and trays. Remember also to wash the cooker hood grease filter!

Pull the stove away from the wall and vacuum and wipe its underside and rear.

Clean the radiators, floor battens and windowsills.

Clean and defrost the fridge/freezer. Switch the appliance off and leave the doors open.
Note that defrosting of the fridge/freezer only applies to shared apartments if all of its residents move out. If you have a fridge marked with the room letter of your shared room, remember to defrost that fridge.

When the whole apartment gets empty, also wash the floor under the refrigerator.

Clean the ventilation filters.

Empty and sweep the storeroom and balcony.

Take all garbage to collection containers.

Departing tenants may not leave their belongings in the apartment, balcony and property storage or on the yard. Remember also your bike!

The final cleaning must be done early before the moving day as it is meant for moving instead of last minute mopping.

An untidy apartment will be cleaned and its costs will be charged from the tenant/tenants.

In shared apartments, all tenants have the responsibility of the tidiness of common areas.

Please note that it is not possible for the landlord to agree upon correction of defects found in the inspection after the apartment has been given away. Any necessary repair/cleaning is automatically ordered so that the apartment is in good condition when the new resident moves in. Make sure the apartment is in good condition before you leave! Any invoice will be sent by email or, if the e-invoice order is valid, as an e-invoice.

Read more: Condition check and liability for damages.

Moving out before the end of your lease

If you move before your lease runs out, return the keys and contact the Housing Office to book a Koas Departure Check. By doing this you ensure that your will not be liable for the condition of the apartment after your departure.

If you wish to keep the key until your lease runs out, you must visit the apartment and check the condition of the premises shortly before the Koas Departure Check date.

After the tenant has returned the keys and vacated the apartment, the owner is legally entitled to use the premises.

Returning the keys

Return all your copies of the apartment’s keys to the Koas Keybox with the PIN code you got on the message to your email. The key must be returned no later than first working day following the end of the lease by 12 noon.

For exchange students the moving day and the key return day is the last day of the month.

Tenants of Ratapiha, Kotiraide, Ristonmaa and Myllyjärvi:
Once you have cleared the booked storage locker from your belongings,leave the key attached to the padlock.

The return of the tenants’ committee key must be arranged in advance at asukastoimisto(a)koas.fi.

If you have a deposit, it will be returned within a month from the end of the lease, provided that the apartment and the keys have been returned in an appropriate manner and all the rents have been paid.

Change of address

By law, a change-of-address notification must be made one month before the actual date of moving or within seven days from the date on which you move. Once you make the change of address notification, your new information will be updated to the population information system and the Post Office’s information systems.

To complete your notification complete an online form here. Paper copies of the change-of-address form are also available at KELA offices.

Completing a formal change-of-address notification is also required for your KELA Housing Allowance. If you are in receipt of KELA housing allowance, get in touch with them to make sure you get the correct amount of benefits for your new apartment.

Remember also…

cancel possible reservations you have valid on Koas Booking (parking place, storage room etc.)

if you had a dishwasher, remember to return the cupboard on its place and make sure to plug all water point pipes accordingly

cancel the net connection Telia connections tel. +358 200 11611 (mcc/lnc). This only in studio- and family apartments.