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Each tenant gets keys for their apartment from the Koas Keybox in the beginning of the lease term. At the end of the lease term, the keys must also be returned to the Koas Keybox. Detailed information on how to pick up and return the keys are always sent by email.

The tenant must keep their keys carefully during the lease. When the lease ends, the tenant must return to Koas all keys that they have received during the lease. If the tenant fails to return all of the keys, the landlord can order new keys at the tenant’s expense. If the tenant has not kept the keys carefully, the locks of the apartment may be re-serialised at the resident’s expense.

If you forget your keys, call the service number of the maintenance company shown on the entrance door or a notice board. The door opening service is subject to charge. You can also borrow a key from the Housing Office free of charge by showing your ID card.

If you lose your key, please contact the Housing Office immediately.

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