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Technical equipment in the apartment

All equipment in the apartment must be used carefully and in accordance with the related instructions for use. Any faults must be reported immediately using the fault report form. Defective equipment may be dangerous and must not be used.

Light fittings are included in the equipment of the apartment. Lamp bulbs for light fixtures are replaced by the maintenance company based on a fault report.

Fridges must be cleaned and defrosted on a regular basis. This is important, because accumulating frost weakens the performance of the fridge. Older fridges must be defrosted monthly. Newer appliances are equipped with automatic defrosting; however, correct removal of meltwater is important. Ventilation openings of the fridge must not be blocked and the drain hole on the bottom of the defrosting tray near the rear panel of the fridge must be kept clean. Do not try to remove frost with sharp tools or excessive force, since this could damage the components of the fridge.

Keeping the hob and oven clean is a shared responsibility of the residents. Hobs and ovens must be regularly cleaned to prevent buildup of grease or stubborn dirt. Use hob and oven cleaning products according to their instructions for use.

The apartments are provided with a common antenna system, which is connected to the cable TV network. Channels are listed in the channel chart; for additional pay TV channels, contact the local service provider. Because the antenna network is sensitive to disturbances, it is forbidden to make additional connections in the antenna sockets. Shared apartment rooms have a Koas Zyxel router, power source and Ethernet cable.