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Koasliving services

#koasliving services can be booked from Koas Booking

Meeting Room and Meeting Room Cabinet

The Koas Meeting Room is a study place located in Kauppakatu 11 and it is available for all Koas residents where you can book your own working place or the meeting cabinet for group work. The facilities are free of charge for the residents and can be booked at Koas Booking using one’s own ID and password. The Meeting Room Cabinet can be separately booked for group work, for example. The facilities can be booked at Koas Booking under ”Shared facilities”

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Koas shared cars for residents

  • Toyota Yaris Hybrid / Koas Hospa&Harju courtyard, address Kauppakatu 11, parking space n.o. 9. Shared with all Koas residents.
  • Nissan Leaf / automatic gear / Korttelikylä, Nuuskakuja 2, in front of the E building, parking space n.o. 5. Shared with Koas and Soihtu residents.

You can use the car for all your daily needs, such as shopping trips or visiting friends. Parking spaces are marked with a blue sign.

After use, the car must only be parked in the designated spot!

You need a smartphone to book and to open the shared car.

With the code TESTIAJO, you get a €10 discount on your first ride.

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The Koas Bike is available for free booking to all residents via Koas Booking. The electric bike can be booked by each Koas resident for 7 hours a week. The booking can be made at Koas Booking under ”Shared facilities”.

If desired, a carriage can be connected to the electric bike to carry your shopping and other small items.

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The private sauna for residents in Ykköspesä is located on Ykköspesänkatu street in Kuokkala. Relaxation and enjoyment in a place close to nature with renovated sauna facilities and a renewed kitchen!

In the facilities suited for approximately 15 persons you can organise social gatherings and evening parties with or without sauna, as well as meetings. The equipment includes a TV set, a game console (SNES Mini – Super Nintendo Classic Edition) and four board games (Exploding kittens, Love letter, One night ultimate werewolf and Crabs adjust humidity).

The facilities can be booked at Koas Booking under ”Shared facilities”. The sauna fee €80/evening must be paid upon making the booking.

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Under the Koas Neighbours Aid section, you can request help for pet sitting, find a training mate, a jogging buddy or just someone to talk with. Or you can enrol yourself as a bike repairer or moving aid for a new neighbour, for example. Be brave and make yourself visible to your neighbours!

Tips for using the Neighbours Aid section:

  • Explain as clearly as possible the type of help you need or offer.
  • Write the advertisement in English as well.
  • The idea is to offer help free of charge or for mutual help.


Remember to remove your advertisement as soon as you no longer need help.

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At the Koas Flea Market, you can donate, exchange or sell items that you no longer need, between the other Koas residents. For example, when moving in or out, you can give away unnecessary items or acquire useful furniture. You can filter your search with search criteria and browse the advertisements according to the location, advertisement date and price.

Tips for using the flea market

  • Always insert a picture if possible. The colour and condition of a piece of furniture are easily verifiable in the picture.
  • If you donate an item, set the price at €0.
  • If you sell items, use moderate prices in accordance with the flea market ideology. We recommend selling products with the maximum price between 20 and 30 euros.
  • If you want to exchange an item, insert “EXCHANGE” in the title.
  • We do not recommend selling clothes.
  • Do not sell pets or food.
  • No services.
  • Write your advertisement in both Finnish and English.

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