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Condition check and liability for damages

Check the condition of the apartment immediately when moving in. You will receive via email an apartment card, in which you can list all faults and defects. This initial check helps you avoid liability for damages caused by the previous resident. You can also fill in a fault report for items requiring repair.

The tenant is responsible for damage caused to the apartment during their lease. If the apartment condition gives rise to complaints at the end of your lease, the apartment card shows whether or not the fault was present in the apartment already in the beginning of the lease term.

A written report will be prepared on the apartment condition during the final inspection. If the tenant’s neglect has caused costs to the apartment, Koas will charge them separately to the tenant or withhold them from their security deposit. If damage cannot be repaired, Koas can charge an agreed amount or withhold a corresponding amount from the security deposit. If the security deposit does not cover the costs, Koas can claim damages from the tenant.

If there is nothing to complain about the apartment, the security deposit will be returned in full within a month of the termination of lease, once the apartment has been cleaned and the final inspection has been made.

Pricelist for damages: Pricelist