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Plumbing and water fixtures

Wall and floor covering materials are either ceramic tiles or plastic sheet. If the surface or seams are damaged, both materials allow water to penetrate. In this case, fill in a fault report.

Defective and dripping water taps and leaking toilet water valves are real wastrels of water: fill in a fault report immediately.

Residents are responsible for the regular cleaning of bathroom floor drains. Hair and other material collected in the floor drain will eventually clog it. Clean the floor drain by taking off the cover grid and removing any dirt by hand. Flush with clean water using washing-up liquid and then put the cover back. If a foul smell is detectable directly via the drain trap, fill in a fault report.

If you are unsure how to clean the drain trap of the handbasin, fill in a fault report.

The purpose of the shower curtain is to protect the bathroom from water splashes and prevent moisture problems. You can wash the shower curtain in the washing machine using a delicate programme (40°C). To remove grease and limescale, you can use a cleaning agent for sanitary facilities and a soft brush.

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