Reporting Faults

When you submit a fault report online, it will be sent directly to a property management system, where the tasks are forwarded on to relevant subcontractors.

Report the fault in English or Finnish only. Be as specific as possible. Allowing the service personnel to enter your apartment with a master key will speed up the completion of your service request.

It's the tenant's responsibility to report any fault or damage in the apartment. Failure to comply may lead to liability. If you have pets, please mention this in your fault report. The service personnel will contact you to arrange a suitable service time.

Report a fault if:

  • the temperature in your room is below 21°C
  • windows and doors do not close properly
  • you notice the air-conditioning is not working properly
  • windows fog up or frost
  • any of the household appliances break down
  • faucet, sink, shower, etc. leaking or drain is blocked
  • there are inappropriate odors in the apartment
  • if you are unsure or experience a problem with any feature of your apartment

Report only one fault on the form. You may select the location and apartment from the menu. If needed, you can leave additional notices. If possible, please add pictures of the fault.

From June 1st you may also inform faults that are not acute. When filling the fault report, please make sure that your contact details are correct, in case the maintenance needs to contact you before the apartment is visited.

Because of the current situation, we also kindly ask you to keep the safety distance when the maintenance work is done in the apartment. If possible, step to another room when the maintenance is done in the apartment.