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KOAS Car – shared car for all tenants

Shared cars for residents

  • Toyota Yaris Hybrid / Koas Hospa&Harju courtyard, address Kauppakatu 11, parking space n.o. 9. Shared with all Koas residents.
  • Nissan Leaf / automatic gear / Korttelikylä, Nuuskakuja 2, in front of the E building, parking space n.o. 5. Shared with Koas and Soihtu residents.

You can use the car for all your daily needs, such as shopping trips or visiting friends. Parking spaces are marked with a blue sign.

After use, the car must only be parked in the designated spot!

You need a smartphone to book and to open the shared car.

With the code TESTIAJO, you get a €10 discount on your first ride.

Booking the car

The car is booked and commissioned with a smartphone. Users who have already registered will automatically get the right to use the new car. Booking it requires registration which you can do as follows:

  1. Download the Omago app. Choose English language.
  2. Register and create your profile.
  3. Hit “Join” and choose your Omago as “Private”.
  4. Enter the joining code: ASUKAS2023
  5. Enter your details and credit card.
  6. You get a text when your profile is accepted.


Please note these prices are indicative only. Always check the current pricing from the Omago app!

7-8 € / h + 0,14 €/km

For reservations over 7h: 60 € / day + 0,14 € / km

Omago Customer service helps you 24/7:

Omago customer service will help you:

User instructions: https://omago.fi/en/help/