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Rental agreement

Rental agreement is an important document, which is signed between each resident and Koas. Read your rental agreement carefully as it contains important information on the rights and obligations of the resident and the landlord.

As a resident, your duty is to inform Koas if the information you have given changes significantly after signing of the rental agreement, for example, if you interrupt or complete your studies. Giving incorrect information or refusing to give information may lead to termination or cancellation of your rental agreement.

Koas has the right to terminate the rental agreement without a period of notice in case of severe breach of contract, such as non-payment of rent, disturbing behaviour, transfer of lease, or if the tenant gives their apartment or part of it to another person without a consent of Koas. The rental agreement terminates after a week from the notification of termination.

We charge an office fee of €35 for updating the parties to the current rental agreement (adding/removing a party). The office fee is paid in connection with the first rent of the new lease.

Verification of contractual obligations

As a tenant you are obliged to notify Koas if there are any changes in your personal circumstances or details you have given to Koas at the time of signing the rental agreement (for example finishing or leaving your studies early). Giving false information or refusing to provide information may result in termination or annulment of the rental agreement.

Annulment of the rental agreement

In the event of serious contract violation, Koas may exercise the right to terminate the rental agreement without a notice period. These eventualities include non-payment of rent, constant and excessive disturbance, transferring the tenancy or handing the apartment over to another person without permission. The rental agreement will expire one week after the termination notice is issued by Koas.

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