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Washing machine and dishwasher

You can install a washing machine or a dishwasher of your own but it is important to follow the instructions for installation and use of the machine to avoid damage. Washing machines and dishwashers must be connected in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. Water taps must be equipped with stop valves, which must be turned off always after the programme has ended. In addition, if the machine is not equipped with a built-in backflow prevention device, an anti-siphon valve must be installed in the tap. Do not leave machines without monitoring during their use.

A washing machine can only be connected to the electrical outlet located in the bathroom. The washing machine must not be used while taking a shower. It is also important to ensure that the washing machine is in good condition and does not cause damage to the real estate or disturb neighbours.

The best solution is to dry the laundry in the drying room or outside. However, if you dry clothes in your apartment, ensure proper ventilation. It is not allowed to dry clothes hanging them over doors, windows or radiators, since this may cause moisture damage. Connecting a dishwasher to the water supply and drainage must be carried out by a professional firm, since incorrect connection may cause water damage. A drip pan must be installed under the dishwasher to collect and funnel water to the front of the cabinet in the event of water damage. If the apartment is not provided with ready-made connections for a dishwasher, the necessary modifications must be carried out by a professional firm with a consent of Koas. Costs caused by this modification are borne by the resident. When moving out from the apartment, the dishwasher cabinet must be returned to its original state.

Dishwasher installation service for tenants