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Koas Flea Market

At the Koas Flea Market, you can donate, exchange or sell items that you no longer need, between the other Koas residents. For example, when moving in or out, you can give away unnecessary items or acquire useful furniture. You can filter your search with search criteria and browse the advertisements according to the location, advertisement date and price.

Tips for using the flea market

  • Always insert a picture if possible. The colour and condition of a piece of furniture are easily verifiable in the picture.
  • If you donate an item, set the price at €0.
  • If you sell items, use moderate prices in accordance with the flea market ideology. We recommend selling products with the maximum price between 20 and 30 euros.
  • If you want to exchange an item, insert “EXCHANGE” in the title.
  • We do not recommend selling clothes.
  • Do not sell pets or food.
  • No services.
  • Write your advertisement in both Finnish and English.


Remember to remove your advertisement as soon as the item is no longer available.

When someone replies to your advertisement, you will be notified by email. Always reply to the message via Booking; a reply via email will not be delivered.

Advertisements will be removed after about three months unless they are renewed. You will be sent an email notification containing a link that you can use to renew your advertisement if the item is still available and you still want to show your advertisement.