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Fault report

The tenant is responsible for reporting faults and defects in the apartment immediately so that they can be corrected preventing thereby any further damage. It is important to describe the fault or defect as accurately as possible to ensure that the report will be directed to the appropriate repair firm. Fault report

Fill in a fault report always when you notice problems in your apartment, such as too high or low indoor air temperature, doors or windows not closing correctly, defects in ventilation, windows fogging up, broken equipment or dripping taps or leaking toilet bowl valve. Fill in a fault report also if you notice a foil smell, clogged drain, or if you are unsure of a correct operation of a device.

In case of flooding or other severe incident or damage, immediately call the service number of the maintenance company responsible for your house. The service number can be found at www.koas.fi and on the main entrance door or the notice board in the staircase.

Koas is responsible for the condition and maintenance of the apartment, including reasonable wear and tear due to normal everyday use. More information on normal wear and tear of the apartment is in section Apartment maintenance

Major repairs, such as bathroom renovations, are usually performed when the apartment is empty. If repairs are made during the occupancy of the resident, Koas strives to offer substitute housing and temporary services in shared facilities during the renovation. The rent will be reduced by 30% for the duration of a bathroom repair while seeking to minimise any inconvenience caused to the tenant.

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