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Temporary subletting

Koas allows tenants to temporary sublet apartments to a third party for a maximum of 1 year. The subletting tenant needs to be a full-time student except during the summer months (May 1 to August 31).

If you wish to temporarily sublet your Koas apartment, do as follows:

  1. Draw up a fixed-term rental agreement with the subtenant. Set the date of the rent payment as the 2nd of every month. Arrange for them to pay the rent into your account so you can keep track of their rental payments. The rent collected from the subtenant may not exceed the amount of rent paid to Koas. If two tenants live in a studio apartment of less than 35 m2, a fee of €25/month is charged for the extra person.
  2. Contact the Koas Housing office by email koas(at)koas.fi to notify them of the subtenant’s name, personal ID (henkilötunnus), email address, phone number and the duration of the subletting agreement.
  3. Give the subtenant temporary use of your KOAS Booking log in details. You as the main tenant are responsible for possible paid services, such as parking, used by the subtenant. Remember to make sure you both receive important Koas information during the subletting period.

You as the main tenant are responsible for the rent payments and the condition of the apartment. You are required to notify Koas of any changes to your rental agreement.

In a shared apartment and a studio with shared kitchen, subletting is only allowed to one (1) person and someone of the same gender as other tenants in the apartment.