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Private sauna in Ykköspesä

The private sauna for residents in Ykköspesä is located on Ykköspesänkatu street in Kuokkala. Relaxation and enjoyment in a place close to nature with renovated sauna facilities and a renewed kitchen!

In the facilities suited for approximately 15 persons you can organise social gatherings and evening parties with or without sauna, as well as meetings. The equipment includes a TV set, a game console (SNES Mini – Super Nintendo Classic Edition) and four board games (Exploding kittens, Love letter, One night ultimate werewolf and Crabs adjust humidity).

The facilities can be booked at Koas Booking under ”Shared facilities”. The sauna fee €80/evening must be paid upon making the booking.

Before making a booking, please read the “Booking instructions and terms and conditions of use”.

The equipment in the facilities includes a TV set, microwave oven, cooker, dishwasher and kitchen with limited amount of tableware and kitchenware. Sauna users should bring their own shower gels/soaps and towels.

Koas Booking