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Sorting waste

Sorting waste is an important part of environmental protection and sustainability. By sorting waste correctly we can reduce environmental load and simultaneously reutilise materials.


Biowaste is organic waste that is generated during preparation of food and gardening, for example. Biowaste must be sorted separately and put in a biowaste container in a biodegradable bag.

Plastic packages

Items accepted for plastic package collection include clean household plastic waste, such as food packages, cleaning product packages, plastic bags, tubes and pipes, PVC packages and Styrox packages (excluding construction material).


Items accepted for metal collection include cans, tins, metal covers and lids, drinks cans without deposits, aluminium foils, tealight candle tins, cutlery and pans, and empty aerosol bottles.

Glass packages

Glass may be contained in beverage or food storage jars. Glass can be recycled to create new products.

Paper and carton

Clean paper and carton waste must be sorted separately. Paper waste includes newspapers, while pizza boxes go to carton collection.

Mixed waste (dry waste, burnable waste)

Mixed waste is all other waste that is not included in the aforementioned categories.

More information on sorting waste is available on the website of Mustankorkea:
Material bank