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Laundry reservation

Each location has a common laundry room where you can find both washing machines and dryers. Some locations also have a separate drying room. Washing shifts are booked from Koas Booking.

The use of the machines is only permitted with a reservation.

You can find the operating instructions for the machines in the laundry. The use of the laundry is included in the rent.

Use all machines according to the operating instructions and report a fault immediately if any device does not work or works poorly. Correct use keeps the machines in good condition and clean. Washing underwired bras in machines is prohibited, as loose underwires break the machine.

Small laundry can be dried in the apartment on drying racks, but not on top of doors or radiators. When drying laundry, remember to ventilate your apartment well. Do not bring dripping wet laundry into your home.

The door of the laundry room must be kept locked so that outsiders cannot enter the premises. Koas does not replace clothes lost at the laundry room.