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Parking spaces are reserved at Koas Booking.

The parking fee is charged with the rent. Add the fee to your monthly rent after making the reservation. It is paid with the same reference number as the rent.

Safety issues

Plug-in hybrid and electric cars must not be charged at Koas electrical outlets in the parking areas.

The electric cable of the block heater must always be disconnected from the socket after use and the cover of the box must be kept locked. A person who forgets the heating cable may be liable for compensation if an electrified cable left in the socket causes an accident. The use of the car’s interior space heater is prohibited because the fuses have insufficient capacity.


Depending on the area, you can get electricity from the box of the heating pole, either according to a common timer or controlled by a socket-specific timer, in which case you can turn on the power yourself for two hours at a time. Some of the areas have an automatic heating system, where the heating is on for short periods all the time.


The maintenance company handles general snow clearance at parking areas but tenants must keep their own parking space clear of snow. Guest parking spaces are intended only for visitors. The heating poles next to the guest parking spaces are not in use.

Parking areas are supervised by MKM Park Service. Unauthorized or parking outside the marked areas will be fined.