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Each resident is responsible for the cleanliness of their own apartment and shared facilities.

Particular attention must be paid to wet rooms, such as bathroom, toilet and kitchen, since these rooms are prone to moisture damage and health risks. Clean the shower curtain regularly in the washing machine using a delicate programme (40°C) and wipe the floor with a squeegee after taking a shower. If you detect defects on bathroom surfaces or in equipment, report this immediately to the maintenance company. Fault report

Mildew is a common problem connected to lack of ventilation and cleaning. In blocks of flats, mildew problems may appear in wet rooms if cleaning has been neglected and ventilation has not been used appropriately.

Do not hang your laundry over doors and radiators: a drying rack is useful for drying small items. Shaking dust from carpets and bedclothes is easily done in outdoor carpet stands or on the balconies that are meant for this purpose. Residents are also responsible for regular cleaning of the windows, fridge, freezer, oven and hood filters.

Apartment floors and walls are designed for easy maintenance; however, cleaning with excess water must be avoided. Remove any remainders of tapes and stickers gently to avoid damaging the surface.

On termination of lease, all cabinets, floors and other surfaces of the apartment must be wiped with a wet cloth and all garbage must be taken away. Cabinet shelfs and drawers must also be wiped. If the apartment has been regularly cleaned during the lease period, additional tasks may not be necessary at its termination.

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