Tenant Committees

Each KOAS location have their own Tenant Committees. The Tenant Committees organise community activity and work to protect and promote the residents' shared best interests in relation to housing. Many committees also aim to enhance their living environment and ensure that the residents are well represented when dealing with KOAS and the local officials.

Find the FB group of your location. Join the conversation and get information of what is going on your neighborhood.

Each Tenant Committee select a representative onto the Cooperation Delegation of Tenant Committees ,AsuVa, which is the representative body of all KOAS residents.Asuva in FB.

Tenant Committees post information about their activities on the buildings' noticeboards.

Contact your local Tenat Committee and ask more about joining in! It's an easy way to make new friends and gain good experience on working with a community organisation.

Find the FB group of your location.

Tenant commitee facebook group and emails:

Myllyjärvimyllyjarvi (a) astmk.koas.fi
Laajavuorilaajavuori (a) astmk.koas.fi
Auvilankujaauvilankuja(a) astmk.koas.fi
Ristonmaaristonmaa (a) astmk.koas.f
Etelä-Kekkolaetelakekkola (a) astmk.koas.fi
Kuokkalakuokkala (a) astmk.koas.fi
Palstatiepalstatie (a) astmk.koas.fi
Taitoniekantietaitoniekantie (a) astmk.koas.fi
Letkutieletkutie (a) astmk.koas.fi
Ainolaainola (a) astmk.koas.fi
Humppahumppa (a) astmk.koas.fi
Sillanpääsillanpaa (a) astmk.koas.fi
Tangotango (a) astmk.koas.fi
Konsakonsa (a) astmk.koas.fi
Hospahospa (a) astmk.koas.fi
Ainolankaariainolankaari (a) astmk.koas.fi
Veturiveturi (a) astmk.koas.fi
Rantapolkurantapolku (a) astmk.koas.fi
Ratapiha ja Kotiraide ratapiha (a) astmk.koas.fi
Heikinsiltaheikinsilta (a) astmk.koas.fi

kankaantorni ( a ) astmk.koas.fi
seminaarinmaki (a) astmk.koas.fi