Saunas will be reopened starting Feb 10, 2023

Published 7.2.2023

The saunas (excl. the ones under renovation) in Koas housing locations will be back in use starting February 10, 2023. The Finnish electricity system has stabilized, and the warm winter weather continues which reduces the risk of electricity shortages. The saunas were originally closed to decrease the risk of electricity shortages and ensure electricity adequacy. Koas wishes to thank all residents for their patience and understanding.

Koas residents can book sauna slots via Koas Booking starting Jan 10, 2023. Also the common sauna time slots will operate normally. Koas residents will find the different sauna time slots in Koas Booking. If the sauna in your building is being renovated, it is marked in Koas Booking as well.

Please note, energy should not be wasted! Thus, please remember to go to sauna if you have booked a slot. Read more about everyday energy saving tips at Koas homes here: