Home near the university and city centre

KOAS Letkut is a very popular housing site due to its location near the city centre. Both the student services of the Kortepohja area and the Seminaarinmäki Campus are only slightly over 1 km away and there are many beautiful nature parks and recreational areas in the vicinity.

During the  Facelift renovation in the autumn 2016, apartment surfaces, kitchen surfaces and floors were renewed with new elegant materials.

Apartment equipment:

Floors covered with elegant and resistant grey vinyl flooring blanks.
Lower kitchen cupboards light grey, upper cupboard doors white.
Countertops are grey, wall space between upper and lower kitchen cabinets is white laminate. A-building apartments 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 31, 36, 37, 42 have dishwasher place for 45cm machine. A-building apartments 25, 31, 37 have washing machine place for 45cm machine.

Click here for more detailed information on apartment materials.

Parking space

Included in rent:

Water Electricity Heating Laundry Internet Cable TV


Bus stop 100 m Kortepohja area services 1.2 km Seminaarinmäki Campus 1.3 km Mattilanniemi Campus 2 km Ylistö Campus 2.2 km Local food shop 550 m Vehkalampi park 350 m Park Vellamonpuisto 500 m Family Park Mäki-Matti 1.1 km Daycare centre Cygnaeus 850 m AaltoAlvari Aquatic Centre 1 km Sports services at Hippos Sports Centre 1 km Jyväskylä City Centre 2 km