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Exchange students

Coming to study in Jyväskylä, Finland? Congratulations and welcome!

Here you will find the information for applying student housing at Koas for the duration of your exchange. Please read these instructions carefully to proceed to the application.

Please note: This is the housing application form for JAMK University of Applied Sciences exchange students only.

University of Jyväskylä exchange students should apply for housing when registering on the university website.

Apply only after you have received confirmation from JAMK of the study place for the exchange period and within the application time mentioned below:

The time to apply for the fall term 2024 is 15.-30.6.2024.

Housing applications sent before this time will not be considered.

You can apply for housing for the

  • fall semester – from 1 August to 31 December
  • spring semester – from 1 January to 31 May
  • spring semester – from 1 February to 30 June
  • full academic year – from 1 August to 31 May

Rental agreements are always made for complete months. Rental agreements are always made for a fixed term and cannot be terminated before the expiry date.

If you want to share the apartment with a friend, mention their name in the comments section of the application.

Apartments for exchange students

JAMK University of Applied Sciences has reserved furnished shared apartments from the following Koas housing locations:

  • Myllyjärvi
  • Ykköspesä
  • Palstatie 4
  • Ristonmaa

All Koas apartments include ceiling lighting and cupboards. In the kitchen there is a fridge with a small freezer compartment and an oven/stove. The furniture and exchange student kit includes:

  • Bed frame (single, approx. 80 x 200 cm)
  • Mattress (same as bed)
  • Desk and chair
  • Curtains
  • Table and chairs in the kitchen
  • Mattress cover
  • One pillow and duvet blanket (standard one person size)
  • Cooking pot (with lid)
  • Plastic ladle
  • Tea mug
  • Drinking glass
  • Large plate
  • Small plate
  • Bowl
  • Set of cutleries (teaspoon, tablespoon, fork and knife)

Confirming the rental agreement

By paying the first month’s rent and processing fee of 65€, you confirm your reservation and commit to the rental agreement. We will send you instructions regarding how to make payments together with your housing offer.

Please don’t use a Hotmail email address since we have problems getting the messages through.

Jamk exchange student application

Please note, the exchange application has been pre-filled for your convenience. By clicking the application button you will be redirected to the housing application phase 4/6 where you can directly apply for rooms reserved for exchange student.