Koas provides home for 4,000 students!

Applying for a flat at Koas is easy. You can apply for a student flat immediately after obtaining a study place in Jyväskylä. We will check your right to study directly with the educational institution, as well as your credit report.

  • Familiarise with our housing sites and fill in an application online
  • Apply for shared flats as widely as possible (several housing sites and all different sizes)
  • If you want, you can also separately apply for a one-room flat
  • It is worthwhile accepting a shared flat offered, while you can still remain in the waiting list of one-room flats

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation by email. The application is valid for 90 days. When a flat of your choice becomes available, you will receive a housing offer by email.

A shared flat is the most common form of housing particularly for new students. Shared flats for two, three or four persons have a lockable room for each person. The bathroom and the kitchen are shared by all residents. A one-room flat has an entrance and a bathroom of its own. Living in a shared flat is an ideal form of co-housing! For example, mates can apply for housing in the same shared flat; both need to fill in own application. You can also apply for a two-room shared flat or a family apartment only for yourself. In this case, pets are also allowed.

The waiting list for one-room flats varies according to the housing site; the waiting time is approximately 6-12 months. The position in the waiting list is determined based on the submission date of the application and varies as applicants change their location or rent preferences.

Family apartments are meant for couples and families with children. One partner of a couple must be a student.

A flat change can be applied for during the period of residence to either another housing site or a different type of flat. A transfer fee of €60 will be charged for the change. A flat changer will only pay the rent of the new flat, although the period of notice would not have expired. In family apartments, the period of notice is always one month.

The rental agreement will be sent electronically to sign when you have a Finnish id-number and Finnish bank access codes to finish the signature or you confirm the lease start by paying the first month rent. Both partners of a couple must sign the rental agreement. Minors must sign the rental agreement together with their guardians. The processing fee for temporary contracts is €50.

You will get the keys to your new home from the Koas office by presenting your identity card. The keys will be given to you when the tenancy takes effect; that is, usually, not before the first weekday of a month.