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Fire Safety Week Nov 25 – Dec 1

Fire safety week is celebrated from November 25 to December 1, 2023. The theme of the week is fire safety in the homes of young adults moving into their first home.

Moving to your own home brings a lot of joy and new experiences as well as responsibility. It is important to learn how to prevent fires from starting. Koas resident, read more, e.g. about emergencies and fire alarms from the our Housing Guide!

The message of Fire Safety Week is being brought up in the media again this year by a number of social media influencers. Roni Bäck, Jäänyt Banaani and Diana Rantamäki are included. Ei olla liekeis (“Let’s not burn”) reality show puts them in front of emergency challenges.

On fire alarm day, pay attention to the fire alarm

At the beginning of next year, a law will come into force that transfers responsibility for the condition of fire alarms to building owners. There is a two-year transition period to implement the matter. In practice, the owner of the building must ensure that the fire alarms are kept in working order. The resident of the apartment, on the other hand, must inform the owner of faults in the smoke detectors.

At Koas, the measures are well under way. Many housing locations have long had automatic fire detection systems, which Koas is responsible for maintaining. In these locations, the resident does not have to touch the fire detectors under any circumstances. Take a look at the fire alarm instruction page to see which group your building belongs to.

If you have a traditional smoke alarm, you can test its functionality by pressing the test button. A working alarm gives a loud signal when the button is pressed. If the alarm gives a short beep, it’s time to change the battery.

More information:

Fire safety week website

The Fire Safety Week is coordinated by the Finnish Rescue Association. The collaboration includes several other organizations from ministries to real estate organisations. Fire safety week is financed by the Fire Protection Fund.