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About fire alarms

From the beginning of 2024, a new rescue law came into force, which transferred the responsibility for fire alarms to the housing company’s responsibility, i.e. as the owner of the building, Koas will be responsible for the purchase and maintenance of fire alarms in the future.

There is a two-year transition period in the law, but we have already started smoke alarm checkings, , where the condition of the smoke alarms is surveyed, the smoke alarms are tested and, if necessary, are renewed.

You will receive information about the tour in your e-mail no later than two weeks before the tour takes place. During the beginning of the year, fire alarm rounds have already been carried out at Ainolankaari, Ainola, Auvilankuja, and Palstatie 3 and 4.

In Harju, Heikinsilta, Hospa, Jyväsen, Kangas, Kankaantorni, Koppari, Kotiraitie, Korttelikylä, Laajavuori, Rantapellonpolku, Ratapiha, Seminaarinmäki, Sillanpää and Myllyjärvi buildings C-, D-, E- and F have automatic fire detectors. Koas is responsible for the maintenance of these, and tenants must not touch the fire detectors in the apartments under any circumstances. The fire detector must therefore not be removed from the ceiling under any circumstances. The reattachment of the removed fire detectors and the checking of the detector center always require a maintenance visit and are billable work.