The saunas will be closed Jan-Feb 2023

Published Dec 9, 2022.

To reduce the risk of an electricity shortage, all resident saunas in all housing locations will be closed between Monday 2 January and Tuesday 28 February 2023. Sauna time slots during December and Sunday Jan 1st, 2023, will be kept normal.

The risk of an electricity shortage increases when it is very cold outside

The cold weather and electricity shortages also increase the freezing risk (water pipe systems, etc.) of buildings. To avoid technical problems and support the adequacy of electricity in general, it is important that Koas does its part in energy saving efforts. The Cooperation Delegation of Tenant Committees (AsuVa) has been informed about the sauna closure period.

Saunas consume a lot of electricity during their 4 000 operating hours per month. Closing them is an efficient way to prevent major problems. A two months’ closing corresponds to a saving of more than 100,000 kWh in energy consumption.

Lowering the risk for power outages by saving energy

Because of the current energy crisis, an electricity shortage may arise and rotating power outages are also possible in Koas housing locations. Here you can find more information on how to prepare for them and how to act during them.

Here you can find more information and energy saving tips for you Koas home:

The supply of electricity depends on both domestic electricity production and imported electricity. An electricity shortage means a situation where the consumption of electricity threatens to exceed the available supply. National energy saving efforts are one way to prevent an electricity shortage and consequent power outages and larger disturbances that may arise due to it. Rotating power outages are the last resort to avoid major disturbances.

If such a situation were to arise where the power grid collapses, the grid could be successfully restored in a few hours but, in the worst case, it can take several days.Thus it is important to be prepared and save energy beforehand.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the closing of saunas. Thank you for your understanding in a challenging situation, let’s do our part together.

Thank you for your understanding in a challenging situation, let’s do our part together.