AKT strike affects waste management

Published on Feb 15, 2023

The strike of the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) started today and may last a week at the most. During the strike, delays in the emptying of waste bins in Koas housing locations can be expected.

We recommend residents to sort and recycle waste efficiently now and to reduce visits to waste bins. For example, plastic and glass packaging waste as well as metal and cardboard waste can be kept at home a little longer. This is to prevent the waste bins from overflowing carelessly.

When you take recyclable garbage to the waste point, remember to flatten and pack the cartons inside each other. This way, the waste bin can fit as much cardboard as possible. You can reduce the amount of biowaste by reducing food waste.

More information from the local waste management operator Mustankorkea's website (in Finnish - we recommend using the translator in your browser): https://mustankorkea.fi/2023/02/akt-lakko/