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Housing situation in July 2023

We want to inform those looking for an apartment about our current housing situation at Koas. In July, the situation is tight considering the first months of autumn, and many are still waiting for the home that meets their search criteria.

Apartment applications come steadily throughout the summer, as the results of the study places are announced. At Koas, we offer apartments to applicants as they become available. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an apartment for every applicant for August-September, as the demand is high.

The housing situation in a nutshell

  • All our available apartments are currently offered to applicants, which practically means that all Koas apartments will be full in September.
  • There may still be some cancellations, so stay tuned and check your email for a possible apartment offer.
  • An apartment that matches your search criteria may be found later in the autumn. Studio apartments become available more slowly, be prepared for a 6-12 month waiting period.
  • Check specific tips for applying for an apartment from our Application Guide.

Have you found a home already?

If you have already found an apartment elsewhere and no longer need a Koas apartment, please remove your application. If, on the other hand, you want to wait for a Koas home, we recommend changing the date you need an apartment or other criteria in your application, so that we know you are actively looking for an apartment. Also remember to renew your application every three months!

No new housing projects will be completed this fall, but the completion of the renovation of Koas Taitoniekantie will delight the new residents in the summer of 2024. We wish everyone success in searching for an apartment, moving and preparing for the start of studies!

The Koas team