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Terms and conditions of use

These terms and conditions of use contain the general terms and conditions applicable to the use of the websites and services provided via them (later “websites and services”) administered by the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (later “Koas”) at https://www.koas.fi/en/ and with which the user agrees to comply by using the websites and services.

Koas has the right to change the content and availability of its websites and services at any time or discontinue the publication of its websites and the provision of services provided via them either temporarily or permanently. In addition, Koas has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Intellectual property rights

All materials published on the websites and in services are protected under the trademark law, copyright law and/or other intellectual property rights excluding services provided by third parties and possibly linked to the websites, such as the online map service. Koas reserves all rights related to the materials published on the websites and in services provided via them.

Materials published on the websites and in services can be browsed and reproduced by printing or downloading a file onto a computer. However, the use of materials is only permitted for a non-commercial personal purpose. Reproductions, in whole or in part, must not be sold or shared online or as paper copies for a commercial purpose nor linked to other materials or other websites. Publication of media releases is permitted in the media, provided that the source is indicated.

Limitation of liability

Websites and services are provided “as is”. Koas will make its best efforts to ensure availability of and access to websites and services without interruptions and free of errors and ensure that materials and information contained in them are up-to-date and accurate. Nevertheless, Koas is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, loss of profit or business interruption caused by unavailability, interruption of use or incorrectness of websites and services or materials or information contained in them, even if Koas has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Websites and services may contain links to other websites and services provided via them (e.g., online map service), which are administered by external parties. Such links are meant exclusively for services made available to users, and Koas is not responsible for such websites, contents of the websites or correctness of their contents, nor for the legal conformity of the registration of personal data on these websites.

Processing of personal data (data protection)

Koas websites may contain services that require the processing of personal data. As a rule, personal data is collected directly from customers, as well as from the credit data register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the national population data register of the Finnish Population Information Centre. Personal data is used, for example, for customer relationship management, customer satisfaction surveys, other surveys and customer communication. Personal data collected is a part of the person register of Koas. Further information on the processing of personal data and the register descriptions of Koas’ person registers are available at https://www.koas.fi/koas/tietosuojaperiaatteet/.

Contact point in accordance with Article 190 of the Information Society Code:

Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (Business ID: 0174752-8)
Kauppakatu 11 A
FI-40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel. 029 180 4444