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Customer register

1. Data controller

Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (Business ID: 0174752-8)
Kauppakatu 11 A
FI-40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel. +358 29 180 4444

2. Person responsible for register matters

Tiia Matilainen
Kauppakatu 11 A
FI-40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel. +358 29 180 4444

3. Name of the register

Koas register based on customer relationship and other relevant connection

4. Purpose of use of personal data

Personal data is processed in order to administer, manage, analyse and develop relationships based on customer relationship and other relevant connection, such as:

  • Management of customer data
  • Management of rental ledger
  • Management of automatic key return and pick up
  • Customer surveys, for example, customer satisfaction surveys
  • Apartment maintenance, and in this context, sharing necessary information with maintenance companies and specialist firms who are in a contractual relationship with the data controller
  • Collection of rent receivables and other room rent receivables
  • Termination of leases
  • In addition to customer communication, personal data can be used in order to plan and develop the business of the data controller.

5. Information content of the register

The following personal data and its amendments concerning apartment seekers, recommendable customers, tenants and any co-tenants may be processed in the register:

Basic data, such as

  • Name
  • Identity number
  • Contact data (postal address, telephone numbers, email addresses)
  • Gender

Information related to customer relationship and other relevant connection, such as

  • Customer number
  • Start date of customer relationship
  • Number of persons living in the same household
  • First and last names and identity number of the spouse or life partner living in the same household
  • First and last names and identity numbers of all persons living in the same household
  • On the consent of the data subject, first and last names and identity numbers of persons living in the same household
  • Information about a co-seeker’s consent given to the data subject to the disclosure of their data to the data controller
  • Information about a possible trustee
  • Information concerning employment and duration and type of employment
  • Information related to income and assets
  • Credit data
  • Information about a debt restructuring scheme
  • Information related to debt collection
  • Information related to the previous apartment
  • Information related to the apartment need
  • Information related to tenancy, i.e., information about the rental agreement, payment of rent, rental deposit and termination of tenancy
  • Regarding under-aged tenants, identification data of the guardian who has signed the rental agreement
  • Claims, feedback and other contacts, communications and actions related to the customer relationship and relevant connection, including call recordings
  • Marketing activities aimed at the data subject, the use of and information provided in connection of these
  • Bank account data related to termination of tenancy
  • Direct marketing consents and restrictions

6. Regular sources of information

Data is collected directly from data subjects, for example, on rental apartment application forms and through online services.

Personal data may also be collected from and updated according to other person registers of the data controller, departing customers, cooperation partners of the data controller and authorities and organisations providing services related to personal data, such as the Finnish Population Information Centre and, regarding credit data, the credit data register of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.

7. Disclosure and transfer of information

As a rule, information is not disclosed outside Koas. Information can be disclosed within the limits permitted and required by applicable legislation, for example, to contract parties collecting debts on behalf of Koas and parties who have the right to receive the data under the legislation. In addition, information may be disclosed to house management, maintenance, guarding and locksmith companies as well as to electricity and data network providers in order to provide services related to living.

If a party external to Koas becomes an apartment owner, Koas may share information that is necessary for the management of tenancy with the new owner.

Information is not transferred outside the territory of the EU member states or the European Economic Area.

8. Protection of the register

Electronically processed register data is protected by using firewalls, passwords and other necessary applicable technical measures generally accepted in the area of information security.

Materials maintained manually are located in areas to which access is denied from unauthorised persons.

Only designated employees of the data controller and companies working under and on behalf of the data controller, who have signed a confidentiality agreement, are allowed to access data contained in the register based on a personal access right granted by the data controller.

9. Right of review, restriction and rectification

Data subjects have the right specified in the Personal Data Act to review their information stored in the register. Review requests must be sent to the person in charge of register matters in written form and signed. A request for review can also be made personally in the office of the data controller.

Data subjects can exercise their right to restrict the processing and disclosure of their information for the purposes of direct advertising, remote sales and other direct marketing, market investigations and opinion polls, by contacting the data controller.

Data subjects can exercise their right to request rectification of incorrect data by contacting the data controller.