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Would you like to get to know your neighbours, but don’t know how? Neighbourhood Bingo is your chance!

Collect the names of your nextdoor neighbours on your bingo card and participate in a raffle to win four movie tickets.

How to participate:

– Take a screenshot of the bingo card posted in the Instagram Stories or print a paper bingo card from this website.

– Go knock on your neighbours’ doors, introduce yourself and ask them for their names on your bingo card (e.g. straight on the screenshot with a drawing tool)

– Send your bingo card to us via DM or deliver a paper version to the office no later than 31.10.2023

Tip: If you don’t have nextdoor neighbours or if no one is home, collect the names of your upstairs or downstairs neighbours. Just make sure your bingo card includes two neighbors!

4x movie ticket package will be drawn among all participants on Nov 1st! The winner will be contacted personally via dm or email.