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Two-room apartments and shared apartment rooms becoming available soon

Are you looking for a new home? Koas has room for you, to be you!

At Koas you can find reasonably priced student apartments in good locations and with additional services. The deposit is €0* and the rent includes all additional features that make everyday life easier, so you can fully focus on your studies. With Koas, the rent includes:

  • green electricity and heating,
  • water**,
  • internet connection,
  • general sauna times and
  • various additional services from a study spaces to a shared bike.

Apartments available from the beginning of February 2024

Find your own home quickly! Here are some examples of apartments becoming available from the beginning of February:

Two-room apartments available in Koas Tango, located between Kuokkala services and Ylistönrinne:

  • 42.5 m², rent €607.39/month
  • 54 m², rent €735.76/month.

Two-room apartment 56.5 m² available in Koas Humppa, right next to the Tango location, €730.91/month.

If walking along the Rantaraitti or Jyväsjärvi is your thing, take a look at the 55 m² two-room apartment available in Koas Ainola – €739.63/month.

Families may find a three-room from Koas Palstatie 4 attractive as it is close to Kuokkala’s services but still in a green environment: 72.5 m², €862.93/month.

Free apartments function on Koas website

The new Koas website was published in the summer of 2023. Now it’s easier to find housing locations with vacant or soon-to-be-vacant apartments directly from the housing location search!

How does it work? Click “Show housing locations free rooms and apartments” or follow the light green markings for apartment types and you will know:

*The deposit may be collected in some cases. For example if the applicant has a payment default entry.

**Separate billing for water will be taken into use to the Koas Taitoniekantie housing location, which is under renovation, as well as the new Koas Tourula and Koas Syke sites once they are finished.