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The right temperature for your home – info package & easy tips

Autumn, and soon winter, is here and the cool weather is felt even at home. When the heating adjustments are in place, the apartments maintain the recommended temperature of around +21 degrees Celsius throughout the heating season. We all feel the temperature differently, so when measuring the temperature, it is better to rely on a thermometer instead of guessing. You can get an indoor thermometer from the Koas office free of charge!

How does heating work at Koas?

Koas apartments are heated with green district heating. The heating turns on automatically when the weather cools down. Heat is distributed to the apartments by water circulating in either radiators or underfloor heating system, and the heating is controlled by automation. The temperature of the water in the heating network is automatically determined according to the outside temperature, i.e. the colder it is outside, the hotter the water flowing into the network!

When the heating control is correct, water of just the right temperature gets into the heating system, so that the room temperature rises to the target temperature found to be good for health, i.e. +21 degrees.

If the outside temperatures are still on the plus side, the surface temperature of the radiator remains low as adjusted automatically. If the surface temperature of the radiator is, for example, 30 degrees, the radiator doesn’t feel hot to the hand when the body temperature is 37 degrees. However, a 30-degree radiator will sufficiently heat a 20-degree room in autumn weather.

So the radiator should not be hot or even lukewarm all the time, even if the pipes are sometimes warm! Also, the fact that the radiator is warm at the top and cold at the bottom in cold temperatures is normal and shows that the radiator is working as designed. The system is working correctly when the indoor temperature stays at around +21 degrees during the heating season.

The surface of the radiator or radiator pipes does not tell the truth, but a room thermometer is the best monitoring tool. Get your own room thermometer at the Koas office free of charge!

Home heating tips

  1. Measure the temperature correctly: Use an indoor thermometer and monitor whether the room temperature stays at approx. +21°C.
  2. Adjust the radiators: Turn the radiator thermostats to the maximum position to ensure sufficient heat.
  3. Wear warm: Depending on the season, the temperature at home is different. In winter, it’s normal to wear more clothes inside, too. Put on long sleeves and wool socks!
  4. Pay attention to the sounds: If the radiator rumbles or gurgles, it may need airing – file a fault report.
  5. Ensure unhindered ventilation: Check that curtains or furniture do not prevent the radiator from heating the room.
  6. Avoid other heat sources: Other heat sources, such as the use of the oven, can interfere with the operation of the radiators.
  7. File a fault report: If the temperature repeatedly remains below +21°C, file a fault report on the Koas website.

Please find more information about heating in our Housing Guide

We are all different and used to different temperatures at home. Sometimes you need to put on more clothes, sometimes it’s too hot. One is comfortable in wool socks and the other wants to walk in shorts all year round.

Thank you for monitoring the temperature of your home and taking an active part in taking care of the condition of your property by filing a fault report if you notice a temperature anomaly! In this way, Koas gets valuable information about different sites and apartments. Thank you for your cooperation. Happy autumn and winter to everyone!