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Rents will rise in January 2024, an average increase of 2.7 %

From January 1, 2024, the rents for Central Finland Student Housing Foundation apartments will increase by an average of 2.7 percent. The rent increase is moderate compared to the increase in the cost level. A new rent invoice will be sent to all residents by letter during October. Koas tenant, please pay the new rent starting from January, 2024.

The average rent increase varies between €0.26 and €0.47/m2/month in different housing locations. This means that the apartment-specific rent increase can be lower or higher than the average 2.7 % increase.

Parking space rents will increase by €1–5/month. Package prices for sauna credits (5 pcs and 10 pcs) will increase by 1-4 euros.

The rent increase in 2024 is due to the increase in both property management costs and interest costs. Koas is a non-profit foundation that operates on the cost rent principle. The size of the rents is therefore determined based on the costs – the rents must cover the costs of the operations.

At Koas, the rent includes all living expenses: electricity, water*, use of the laundry, general sauna time slots and data network fees.

*Water fee will be billed separately for the Koas Taitoniekantie housing location (currently under renovation) during the year 2024.

I am a Koas tenant, what do I do?

Summary for residents (TL;DR)

  1. Follow your mail, read the rental letter and the rent bill carefully.
  2. Pay the new rent from January 2024 using the information on the new rent bill. For those who have ordered an e-invoice, the information is transmitted directly to their online bank.
  3. Pay the rent on time or contact Koas immediately if you have payment difficulties. This way you can potentially avoid collection costs.
  4. Check if you need to clarify the rent change to Kela.

Instructions for residents

During October, information about the rent increase will be sent to all residents by e-mail and letter. You will receive a new rent invoice as an attachment to the letter. Read this letter carefully and pay the new rent starting from January.

The rent is due on the 6th day of each month. Use the personal reference number on the rent bill to pay the rent.

If you have ordered an e-invoice, then the rental invoice will already be sent to your online bank as an online invoice with your reference information. If your rent invoice does not yet come as an e-invoice, you can order it in your online bank.

Remember to pay the rent on time or contact Koas immediately if you face problems with the rent payment. We charge late rent interest, which is currently 11 %, according to the current interest rate law, as well as collection costs.

If your rent changes by less than €50/month, and there have been no other changes in your income affecting housing allowance, you do not need to notify Kela of the rent review. If other changes have occurred and you apply for a review of housing allowance, Kela will receive information about the changed rent amount directly from Koas.