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Energy blog: Winning-level energy saving

Happy Friday of the Energy Saving Week, Koas residents!

In this blog we share energy saving tips that require some effort but bring the winning-level impact. Who would you challenge to make these energy-saving actions with you?

Small actions have a big impact when we do them together. Even if you don’t pay your energy by yourself, your consumption is a part of the big picture. The national Energy Saving Week brings these themes forward on Oct 9-15, 2023. Even though the energy saving week comes to an end, energy saving continues to be important at Koas in the future, too!

Read the third level tips below or download all the tips here.

Level 3 tips: Winning-level energy saving

  • Lower the room temperature.

When the heating in your Koas home is working normally, the temperature should stay at around 21 degrees Celsius. If you like a cooler temperature, adjust your radiator to lower degrees. A lower temperature in the bedroom is recommended, as it is considered to improve the quality of sleep. The target temperature is 18-  20 degrees.

  • Take cooler and shorter showers.
  • Wash your hair less often to reduce the consumption of warm water.
  • Go to sauna with your neighbour.

Suggest booking a joint sauna slot with your neighbours, so that several people can bathe in one time slot.

  • Combine laundry with your roommate

Washing machines can be filled more when you combine laundry. For example, there are usually less clothes that need a gentle wash, but when you combine them, you get a fuller machine. NB. Remember to leave room for the spin.

BONUS: Save energy elsewhere, too! 

  • Make use of nearby services where you can walk or bike
  • Carpool to hobbies, school or work
  • Remember public transport like Linkki in Jyväskylä
  • When driving, lower your speed for using less gasoline.
  • Use the AC in your car only if needed.
  • Consider what you buy: All products and services require energy at some point of their lifecycle.
  • Put a ”No advertisement” sign on your door to save paper and avoid getting hooked to buying useless stuff.
  • Sort your household waste according to the instructions in Koas Booking. Recycling enables materials to be reused. Don’t hesitate to ask help from the local waste authority Mustankorkea or Koas office if you are not familiar with the Finnish way of recycling.
  • Minimize food waste to save energy and money. E.g. by throwing one cup of coffee away a day makes 365 cups a year which adds up to six packages of ground coffee wasted.