Common spaces partly open in April

The common areas in the Koas housing sites will continue to be only partly open in April due to the covid situation.

One additional place will be back in use: The Koas Meeting Room is reopened, with restrictions, to enable a safe study space for Koas tenants. In the current situation the Meeting Room is meant for study purposes only, and no group work or other gathering is possible. Please book your personal time slot via Booking.

The reservations tenants have made before are visible in Koas Booking. However, there has been changes in the Booking calendar: you may only make reservations for the next 14 days at a time.

All restrictions and recommendations from authorities must be followed. Proper hand hygiene, safety distances and wearing a mask are a must. Thank you for taking care!

Using Koas housing locations’ common areas in April until further notice:

  • Personal sauna times are in use. Common sauna turns are not in use for the time being. Please go to sauna on your own or with people from the same household. Maintain good hand hygiene also in the sauna and dressing room spaces, and do not go to sauna if you have even the slightest symptoms or you are ill. Remember to clean up the space after your sauna turn and take your trash with you.
  • The gyms are in use with restrictions. For the reservable gyms you can see the user limitations from Koas Booking. The limitation for the gyms without reservation is a maximum of two users at the same time. Be especially careful when at the gym: wash and sanitize hands, maintain a safety distance and wipe the equipment after use.
  • Common rooms and lounges are closed for the time being. It is not allowed to gather and hang around in the Common rooms and lounges even if you have to walk through them to get to the laundry or sauna.
  • The laundry spaces are open but you cannot go there if you have symptoms or are sick. Proper hand hygiene, safety distances and wearing a mask are a must when going to the laundry.
  • Koas Meeting Room will be reopened with restrictions. The maximum number of users in the Meeting Room is two people per hour, and in the Kabinetti one person per hour. Koas Bike can also be booked: please wear a mask and maintain good hand hygiene and safety distances while picking up the bike. Safe studying and bicycle rides!

Thank you for your responsible behaviour so far, let’s keep the infection rates low, we can do it! We understand the situation is challenging and tiring but the only way out of the restrictions is by following the restrictions for now.

Up-to-date information on corona virus, restrictions and prevention:

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