Terminating your tenancy

Termination of Tenancy request

The notice period for terminating your lease is one calendar month. Once we receive your Termination of Tenancy, we will send a confirmation email no later than the next working day. Keep the confirmation as a proof of the termination of your lease. NB! If you do not receive the confirmation, your Termination of Tenancy request has not been received by Koas. You are responsible for making sure we receive your Termination of Tenancy request.

Terminating the lease of a family or a shared apartment

For family lease contracts, both leaseholders must submit their own Termination of Tenancy request. If one of you wishes to stay in the apartment, please contact the Housing Office before sending your Termination of Tenancy request. If you have paid a deposit, note that we can only pay the family lease deposit to one bank account, so please make sure you only submit one account number.

If you terminate your lease from a shared apartment, Koas will inform the other tenants about the empty room.

The notice period

The notice period starts from the last day of the month in which the Termination of Tenancy request is received by Koas. The landlord's tenancy notice period is 6 months, if your tenancy has lasted more than 1 year. If your tenancy has lasted less than a year, the notice period for landlord is 3 months.

A fixed-term lease ends automatically on the expiry of the contract, which means a separate termination of the tenancy is not required.

Moving within Koas

In a case you have got an offer to change your Koas home to a new one.

Accept the offer by signing the VismaSign link.The lease will be signed during the period of validity. After receiving the signature, we will terminate the previous lease. On family flats the lease will be signed by the own VismaSign link by both tenants.

Please be prepared to move on the 1st day of the month by 12 noon, as when you are transferring from one KOAS apartment to another, we cannot pre-arrage the moving time.

Remember to inform your subtenant regarding the time you are moving out and the lease will end.

Moving out