Information about your data network connection

Koas apartments have fixed broadband connections (“Telia Yhteys kotiin” L-package) with a speed of 100/100Mbit/s. The use of the broadband connection is free for the residents. There are differences in activating and using the internet between tenants in shared apartment rooms and other tenants.

Information on network for tenants in shared apartments found here

Tenants in studios and family apartments, please read the instructions below.

Telia connections tel. +358 200 11611 (mcc/lnc)
Mon- Fri 08-20 Sat 09-16.30

To be able to use the net, you need a cable (CAT RJ-45) connected to the socket marked with green sticker.

In locations Etelä-Kekkola, Harju, Heikinsilta, Kangas, Kankaantorni, Koppari and Seminaarinmäki you can activate the desired data socket (labelled ATK) by yourself. You can find instructions by Koas Booking.

Read more from Telia

If you wish to have your net connection ready before moving in, you can preorder the net to your flat by calling to +358 20011611. You need to give the address of the room, so check it first from the lease agreement.